Our services

Peopleatwork hellas is an effective HUMAN RESOURCES AGENCY, the HR boutique agency that offers all range HR services to companies, executives, and candidates to assist them in the market. All our services and actions aim to cover the gap in the labour market, by facilitating the talented candidates into coming closer to the best employers.  


The services offered by peopleatwork hellas can cover corporate HR needs

  • Effective Manpower Planning (employees working hours utilisation, part-time staff, staffing needs for positions with new skills requirements, decrease of labour cost)
  • Recruiting & Selection, Candidates evaluation-Best candidates highlight & Effective staffing
  • Support on Labour Legislation, Payroll Administration and Industrial Relations issues
  • Effective leadership, using Employees satisfaction and Career Development programs
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys  
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions, Employees Manuals , Workflow Organization
  • Employees Training & Development issues - Annual Training Programme, Training Needs Diagnosis-Analysis-Grouping, Organizing and Implementing Seminars, Utilisation of State LAEK seminar funding
  • Employee Performance Evaluation-Design of Performance Evaluation programmes, Selecting the evaluation criteria, Evaluators Training, support in communicating the evaluation programme to all employees, utilisation of the Performance Appraisal programme outcome in forming and enriching the corporate Human Resource Policies
  • Outplacement Services – Effective coaching and preparation for executives and staff, who are being redundant, to cope effectively with the new conditions in their career. Support aiming to their re-entrance to the labour market.
  • Remuneration and Benefits issues. Surveys for the collection of useful data from the specific sector of the market and the competition that interests each company
  • Integrated Human Resources Services.


But individual HR needs for employees & executives as well

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting on any subject related to CAREER ISSUES that might puzzle an executive, such as remuneration, salary and benefits, conditions of employement, labour legislation and employee rights protection
  • Career Strategy consultancy focus on personal needs: Career Strategy for Newcomers who try to penetrate the Labour Market in their early steps, Effective Career Strategy for Executives who seek the next step in their career development and Retirement consultancy for those who wish to evaluate the perceptive of their retirement.