Career strategy consultancy

Effective Career Management for EXECUTIVES.  A lot of executives select to have their professional profile analyzed by the career experts of peopleatwork hellas, and have their PROFESSIONAL PORTFOGLIO created.

The professional development strategy for each executive and the gradual setting more demanding targets, is a decision and responsibility that each one has to take for himself. Sometimes, the executive is called to make choices in his/her career, for which he/she does not feel very certain and needs to listen to other opinions or take advice; to share his/her thoughts and anxieties with other executives or career consultants, who have good knowledge on the labour market. During the last years, due to the economic situation and instability in Greece, some executives face career dilemmas due to salary decreases, their becoming redundant or just because their company decides to abandon Greece. As the alternative choices become very few, some executives select the altimate perspective to change total direction to their career.

To take such a decision, an analysis of the executive’s professional profile and objectives is necessary, with a focus on his/her skills and behavioral traits, the so-called "candidate strengths".


Career Strategy Consultancy for Newcomers. Newcomers in the labour market, those who try to enter the market full of enthusiasm and dynamism in their early steps face similar difficulties, and the results in their efforts seem to be low, as presented by the high unemployment rates for this labour group.

For each young person there is a question to be answered; how he/she will manage to gain the two years experience required by most employers in the market. Without such an experience the candidate lacks, more or less, the necessary basic knowledge on the way the labour market operates. Such knowledge seems to be essential for each candidate to become successful when responding to a job post; when trying to identify corporate needs for staff that are not published or communicated; when aiming to make contact with a company that could become his/her employer of choice and present his candidacy dynamically and effectively.

The career consultants of peopleatwork hellas offer valuable support and assistance to this effort, facilitating each young candidate who chooses to identify his/her "professional strengths" and to communicate them effectively in the market, aiming to conquer the job of his/her dreams.


Retirement Consultancy constitutes the last part of CAREER STRATEGY CONSULTANCY. The employee receives a complete image and detailed information on his/her pre-retirement and state insurance situation, and he/she evaluates the alternative choices and solutions offered, as prepared and analysed by peopleatwork hellas consultants. With our assistance, he/she is guided to select the solution that seems to match his/her wishes and needs, regarding his/her upcoming retirement.

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